8 2014

Holocaust Living History Workshop

5:00PM - 5:30PM  

UC San Diego, Geisel library, Seuss room 9500 Gilman Drive
CA 92093
858-534-7661 hlhw@ucsd.edu

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How did Roma musicians experience the Holocaust? What was their interaction with Jewish musicians in the camps and in the forests? These and other questions will be addressed by Yale Strom, one of the world’s leading scholar-ethnographer-artists of klezmer music and history. A violinist, composer, filmmaker, photographer and playwright, Strom was a pioneer among Klezmer revivalists. Over the past thirty years, he has conducted 75 research expeditions in Central and Eastern Europe and the Balkans. In his own compositions he combines klezmer with Hasidic nigunim, Rom, jazz, classical, Balkan, and Sephardic motifs. Strom will be introduced by professor Deborah Hertz, the Herman Wouk Chair in Jewish Studies at UC San Diego.