19 2014

Kahal Am Seder

2:30PM - 4:30PM  

Milton's Deli 2660 Via De La Valle Del Mar

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Passover draws Jews together as no other holiday during the year. At the Kahal Am Seder the warmth of kinship and the zeal for freedom grows as we sit together telling our cultural stories. This holiday fits well with a humanistic philosophy because we set aside the supernatural and tell about people who show their determination to live in freedom. Our haggadah is a unique booklet written each year with thoughtful commentary. We also share the pleasure of live music, friendly conversation, and a delicious meal. We are a very welcoming organization, and those who are unaffiliated, single, LGBT, or in intercultural families are encouraged to attend. Advanced reservations and payment are required by April 10. Prices are: $48 for non-member adults, $39 for members, and $18 for all children under 10. Vegetarian meals are available. A reservation form is available on our website, www.kahalam.org  or contact us at 858-549-3088 or info@kahalam.org.