21 2014

Raise a Mench

10:00AM - 11:00AM  

San Diego, CA 92122

Contact Rachel Wajcman
(858) 568-2169

About the Class...
Teach your children the mitzvah of kibud av v'em, honoring your parents. The present course will be a series of parenting classes that last one hour each week starting late October. It is taught by an amazing mother of 7, Rebitzen Ariella Adatto. She's taught classes to women for the past 18 years and now she has offered to come to us! Passionate about Torah and passionate about parenting, her course is based on the Torah parenting approach of Rav Wolbe which stresses giving children a strong foundation in the Torah way of life while allowing the child to grow in their own individual way. The course also incorporates material from How to Talk so Kids will Listen and Listen so Kids will Talk (Faber and Mazlish).

Topics Include:
Setting boundaries while encouraging individuality
Creating an emotional bond with your child
Communication with children
Encouraging cooperation
Setting up a happy home
Rules and consequences
...and much more!

More about the Rebitzen
Ariella Adatto was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. After high school at Yeshiva of LA Girls School (YULA), Ariella spent a year at the Beth Jacob of Jerusalem (BJJ) Women's Seminary. Ariella earned her BA from Harvard University and subsequently a Master's degree in Jewish History from Touro College. Her husband, Rabbi Moshe Adatto, is Dean of SCY High in San Diego, California. Rebitzen Ariella Adatto and her husband have 7 kid ranging from 18 to 4 years old. Currently they are active in the Beth Jacob community of San Diego, California.
This is a valuable opportunity for you and your family... Reserve your spot today because space is limited!
email: raiseamench@gmail.com
phone: (858) 568-2169

Classes will be held during the daytime, specific time/day will be determined according to popular demand. Location is TBA and will be in the University City area, 92122. We are looking to begin this series after the chaggim, so around the 4th week of October. Childcare will be provided. Call/email with your name and phone number so that we can get back to you with more details.